BDO full form: Block Development Officer

Everyone knows about BDO but what is BDO, what is the full form of BDO, what is the salary of BDO, people do not know about it. That is why today we have brought complete information about BDO. You read this article completely:

If you want to do a high-class job, then you have to study accordingly. One such post is BDO full form in English: Block Development Officer, it is called Block Development Officer in Hindi who works for the development of the block. There are many blocks in a district and there are 1-1 BDOs in each block.

 It is very difficult to get this post but it becomes very easy for the students who are determined to get this post. If you want to become a BDO then you have to study accordingly. Because many students study wholeheartedly but few students become successful.

  To become a BDO, many things have to be taken care of, only then you will be able to start its preparation.

What is the full form of BDO (BDO full form in English)

BDO full form: The full form of BDO in English is called Block Development Officer and in English, it is called Block Development Officer. The same short form is called BDO.

What is BDO?

Any scheme of the state government has to reach the people and people have to be informed and made aware of those projects. For example, if you want to build a road inside that area or start a plan, then you have to take permission from the video.

What is the educational qualification for BDO

To fill the form for this post, you must have passed graduation from any university or college. Because it is on the basis of graduation, you can fill the form for this post. Keep in mind that students with Diploma cannot fill the form. I hope you have to know about BDO full form in English. Now know about the AGE limit.

What is the Age Limit

If you fill the form for State PCS, then the age limit for this is 21 to 40 years, you can fill the form. Students below this age cannot fill the form for State PCS. The relaxation in the age limit is available only for the residents of that state.

category wise age limit

  • General(21-40)
  • OBC(21-45)
  • Sc/St(21-45)
  • PWD(21-55)

How many marks are required to fill the form

If we talk about State PCS, then to fill the form you should have passed only Graduation (Graduation). You can fill the form from any subject.

How many stages are there of the exam?

There are three stages of this exam

  • 1st prelims
  • 2nd mains
  • 3rd interview

After passing all these three stages you can become BDO (BDO)

what is the syllabus

To crack any exam, it is necessary to have knowledge of its syllabus, as you already know that there are three stages of the exam.

  • 150 questions in General studies 1 – 200 marks
  • 100 questions in general studies 2 – 200 marks


In Paper1 questions are asked from current affairs as well as Indian history, Indian and World geography, economics, Indian politics and governance, general science, economic and social development

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Paper 2 is only a qualifying paper, its number does not add up while making your merit, but you must get at least 33% marks. Only then you can sit in the mains exam. In this, questions are asked from mathematics, reasoning, English in Hindi.

Mains syllabus

Mains exam is very important for State PCS because the merit is made on the basis of the marks that come in it, there are 8 papers in total and 3 hours are fixed for all the papers, the 8 papers for which the exam is to be given is :

  • General Hindi
  • Essay
  • General studies 1
  • General studies 2
  • General study 3
  • General studies 4
  • optional subject paper 1
  • optional subject paper 2


When you qualify Prelims and Mains exam then you are called for an interview. The interview is of 200 marks. Many types of questions can be asked in this. Just as anything can be asked about the place where you are from, questions can also be asked from the subject, especially in this, the interviewer has to be convinced that you are the right fit for the post.

When can fill the form(FORM)(BDO full form in English)

The form you will apply to become a BDO (BDO) varies from state to state. All the states bring out their own notification of PCS and it may be on different dates. For this, you have to go to the official website of PCS of the state.

How much is the salary of BDO

You must have known BDO full form in English, now you know about the salary of BDO, the salary of BDO (BDO) can be different in every state, yet if estimated, then the BDO starting monthly salary from ₹ 9300 to 34800 Along with this, you get ₹ 4800 every month as grade pay. As the duration of your service increases, so will your salary.

What is the strategy to be adopted to become a BDO

Friends, if you have decided that you want to become a BDO, then you should pay full attention to the syllabus of this state PCS from now on. Also, for the preparation of General Studies, it is very important for you to know the concept of every subject.

 The pattern of General Studies of this exam is similar to that of the civil servant exam. In the last, I would like to say that you make a routine of yours and continue your studies according to the same routine and listen to others but do your mind. Watch Topper’s video and choose your subject according to you.

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