BFF full form in English : Best Friend Forever

Do you know what is BFF Full Form and Meaning? Probably not because this word is especially very famous on social media and in Bigg Boss 13, Salman Khan has changed the meaning of BFF and there is confusion among the people about it too. In such a situation, if you want to know about it, here you will get complete information about BFF full form and meaning.

I have told you earlier that about the full form of different popular short words and I am going to give information about the full form of the best and most viral work of social media BFF word here and if you do not know about it. If you know, then definitely read about it.

BFF full form in English

Must have heard in his Bigg Boss 14 that Salman Khan gives a BFF band to everyone and there he explains the meaning of Bed Friend Forever but BFF meaning is not. Maybe you think that this is its real full form but it is not so at all. The full name of this word is something else and in this post, you will be given information about it.

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Any short word can have many full forms and many people make their own short-form for their convenience. But for every popular short word, some full forms are most popular and they are considered real.

BFF full-form is ‘Best Friend Forever

It is one of the most popular words among social media and youth and often you must have seen it on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp chat, I have told about the full form of many important and popular words even before this. Some of which are given below.

Meaning of BFF

From childhood to college and then in career, many friends are made and many friendships are broken. But there is some or one friend who is closest to you and you never want to lose him.

It is not only one person but there is someone in everyone’s life who is most special to you and you share everything with him and believe in him. In such a situation, friends are known as BFF i.e. Best Friend Forever in today’s era.

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This word is more famous among girls than boys and it has been seen that more girls than boys use this word for any of their boyfriends. In big cities like Delhi, Mumbai this is a common word for informal communication and to introduce your friend.

Use of the word BFF

The term BFF is mostly used by the people of Teenage on social media. A girl or a boy refers to his best friends as BFF. In today’s time, it is a modern and viral word that people use on social media. Often you can see it written in the message, post caption.

Other Full Form of BFF

We all know that any word has many meanings. We only know those who are useful for us and are very popular among people. But it is not that they do not have any other meaning. If we talk about BFF, then it has many other full forms and meanings. Which you may have never heard about.

Best Freckled FriendFor friend
Big Fried FishFor Food
Best Friends FuneralFor Friends
Best Frequencies ForeverFor Radio
Bicycle Film FestivalFor the festival
Best Friends FoodsFor friends
Bangladesh Football FederationFor football
Binary Format FileFor Computer
Basic Fuzzing FrameworkSoftware
Best Fake FriendsFor friend
Best Feline FriendFor friend
Big Fat FriendFor best friend
Best Foot ForwardFor Education
Best Freaking FriendsFor friends
Boy Friend ForeverFor Girl’s Boyfriend
Be Forever FaithfulFor a friend and partner
Best Female Friend:For a best female friend

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Friends, hope you know what is BFF full form and meaning. And why is it the most popular right now? Perhaps you are not aware of this word, but if you also have a friend who is very close to you, then you can use the word BFF for him. If you liked this post then do share it on your social media


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