Best book for IAS exam prelims

In this article, we will know in detail which book you should read for the preparation of IAS which can ensure you success in the examination. Everyone sees a dream but is not able to pay its price and dreams are fulfilled by those who pay its price. One such dream is to become an IAS if you want to become an IAS. So today we will talk about the Best book for IAS exam prelims in Hindi. You should read this article completely.

IAS exam is conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission), as you would know that this exam is completed in 3 phases.

  • Prelims exam
  • mains exam
  • interview

Best book for IAS exam prelims

The most important stage in the IAS exam is the prelims exam. Today we will talk about the prelims exam which is the first step to become IS. Which you can cross and sit in the IS Mains exam. You cannot sit in the mains exam without clearing the prelims exam. That’s why or this section becomes important.

IAS Prelims GS paper 1

100 questions are asked in IAS prelims GS paper 1 and the time duration is 2 hours. There is a negative marking of 1/3 in this paper. Let us see which books are important for each section.

Below is a list of the most important books for the History for Films exam, you can read or buy it.


NCERT plays the most important role for the IAS exam because the basic knowledge cover for the IAS exam candidate is completely covered, that is why the importance of NCERT remains even today.

If you go through the NCERT book thoroughly then 60% of your IAS syllabus will be covered, that’s why all IAS toppers or professors are advised to read NCERT for the IAS exam.


  • NCERT ( 6 to 12 ) Buy Now
  • Ancient History of India: Ramsharan Sharma
  • India after independence: Vipin Chandra
  • Medieval History of India: Satish Chandra

art and culture

  • You can read Nitin Singhania’s book for art and culture


  • NCERT 6th to 12th ( Buy Now )
  • Geography of India and the World Majid Hussain
  • atlas oxford student


  • NCERT 9th to  12th ( Buy Now )
  • Indian polity M Laxmikant

This is a book that can change your entire perspective of preparation, most of the IAS toppers recommend this book to read.

  • Indian Constitution and Polity Prabhat Publication
  • Indian Government M Laxmikant


  • NCERT 9th to 12th ( Buy Now)
  • Indian Economy: Ramesh Singh
  • Economic review which is released by the government every year
  • Budget: It is also issued every year by the government or can also be taken from any other publication.

ecology and environment

  • Read NCERT Biology in detail
  • Read NIOS Notes
  • Environment and Ecology Majid Hussain

General Science

  • NCERT 6th to 12th ( Buy Now)
  • general science lucent
  • Science and technology can also be read from any publication or TMH publication.

Current Affairs

  • Monthly magazine of any publication you can read
  • Newspaper ( NEWSPAPER ) You can read daily important events of any national edition newspaper like: Dainik Jagran, The Hindu, Jansatta, Navbharat etc.
  • Kurukshetra
  • India Year Book: India Year Book is published by PIB, you can read it
  • You can follow important websites and YouTube channels like Rajya Sabha TV, PIB and other important websites

Revision and Practice

  • General Knowledge Ocean Prabhat Publication
  • mock test

This is one of the simplest and best tool for revision and practice that you take as many mock tests as you can in the day. Mock test will help you to manage time in exam.

  • solve paper

It is also important to revise all the previous 10 years solve papers as this will give you an idea of the questions asked in the last 10 years which will help you in cracking the prelims exam.

Read the Right Books for UPSC (IAS)

The UPSC syllabus is huge and it may take at least 1 year to cover it comprehensively. So you cannot waste your precious time by reading those books which are below the standard of UPSC. Contains incorrect and unauthorized information. That is why we have given information about many important notes including the best book for IAS exam discussed above. So that you can prepare for IAS exam.

Books Related Questions for IAS Exam

1, Which books are best for Hindi medium candidates in UPSC exam?

Hindi medium candidates should read UPSC Hindi medium books from NCERT as well as Hindi translation of popular IAS books.

2, Where can I get NCERT books for IAS exam?

NCERT books are widely available at bookstores as well as major e-commerce sites across the country. If you do not find the book you need in the bookstore, you can download NCERT Books/UPSC Books PDF here.

3, Which economy book is best for UPSC?

Nitin Singhania – Indian Economy UPSC is one of the best books for economy.

4, Which book is best for art and culture for UPSC?

Nitin Singhania – Indian Art and Culture is a must read book for UPSC Prelims and Mains.

5, Is the NCERT book enough for IAS?

NCERT is the first book for UPSC preparation. Which gives you a basic information

6, Which book is best for Indian politics?

Laxmikant – Indian Polity is considered the best book for UPSC.


Friends, I hope that you must have understood in full detail in this article that Best book for IAS exam prelims in Hindi and other information related to it would have been obtained. If you want information on any other topic then you can comment us in the comment box.

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