What is the full form of BSc? ( BSc full from ) Eligibility & scope

Do you know what is B.Sc, how much is the fee of B.Sc course, what is the full form of BSc and what are the subjects in B.Sc. will discuss with Apart from this, you will also know about top BSc colleges? If you read this article completely, then you will be able to know about BSc in full detail.

What is the full form of BSc? ( BSc full from )

The full form of BSC is a bachelor of science. It is an undergraduate course which is done after the 12th. This is a 3-year course. If you do this course then your graduation will be complete. The demand for BSc courses is always high.

What is BSc

The full form of BSc is Bachelor of Science, BSc is an undergraduate course. Students who have studied science in class 11th and 12th and want to pursue further studies with science can do B.Sc course.

A student who does not want to do a professional course but wants to go to the field of science. So those people can also do B.Sc course. You get the option of many subjects in the B.Sc course. B.Sc course gives you the opportunity to study different branches of science subject.

What is the requirement for doing a BSc course?

If you want to do B.Sc course then it is important that you should have 12th pass and should have at least 50% marks in 11th and 12th because many colleges, universities have admission in B.Sc course through entrance exam.

But some colleges and some universities are like this too. Where you are admitted on the basis of merit and there are many colleges where you get direct admission.

One more thing is necessary for doing a BSc course. That it is necessary to have science stream in 12th. Whether you are from the Bio group or the Maths group then you can go ahead and enroll in BSC. If you have taken Arts or Commerce stream in 12th then you cannot take admission in BSE.

What is the fee for the BSc course?

The BSc determines how much they will charge at the university. There are many colleges and universities where the fee is very less and scholarship is also given there. If you take admission from a private college, the fee can be very high.

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If you talk about private college fees, then there are 20000 to 25000 college fees for 1 year. Whereas if we talk about government college, then the fees for a 1-year range between 8000 to ₹ 10000. This fee may be higher or lower depending on the college. The fees of the B.Sc course are also high because in B.Sc you are also made practical and lab.

How will you get a job after doing a BSc course?

If you have completed 3 years course of B.Sc. then you have many career options. After completing a BSc, you can do MSc, by doing a Ph.D. you can become a professor in college, you can become a school teacher.

If you have studied BSc well, then you will not have a lack of career options, you can make a career in the field in which you are interested.

What are the subjects in B.Sc?

  • BSc physics
  • BSc information technology
  • BSc in botany
  • BSc in horticulture
  • BSc physical science
  • BSC in nursing
  • BSc industrial chemistry

What are the types of B.Sc course

Generally, two types of BSc degrees are awarded to students – BSc Honors and BSc General (commonly known as BSc Pass). Both academic degrees are awarded to students at the undergraduate level. However, there are some basic differences that exist between the two.

The difference between BSc Honors and BSc General degree is basically explained below based on some parameters which will help the students to make a better choice between the two courses.

Difference Between BSc Honors and BSc General

BSc general

BSc honors

The B.Sc General syllabus is designed to provide the students with a basic knowledge of the subject of science. It usually covers all the major subjects of science.The BSc Honors course is designed to develop advanced theoretical, practical, and research skills among the students. It is a more standardized degree and usually focuses on a major subject area.
Three subjects are taught in BSc GeneralB.Sc Pomegranate Advance is based on Theoretical Practical and more focus is on a single subject
The duration of this course is 3 years but in some universities, the duration of this course can be more than 3 years.The duration of this course is 3 years but in some universities, the duration of this course can be more than 3 years.
BSc General is a simple courseBSc Honors is considered an extraordinary course
 The eligibility criteria to secure admission in B.Sc general course is the same, however, there may be a slight difference from college to college. To secure admission in the BSc Honors course, students must have passed class XII from a recognized board in the Science stream. Also, students have to secure a minimum percentage as per the cut-off prescribed by the respective college/university.

List of Top BSc Colleges

  • Miranda House New Delhi
  • Hindu college New Delhi
  • st Stephen’s College New Delhi
  • Madras Christian College Chennai
  • Loyola College Chennai
  • Kirori Mal college New Delhi
  • hansraj college Delhi
  • Department of science Christ university Bengaluru
  • Stella Maris College Chennai
  • Sri venkateswara college New Delhi

Benefits of doing B.Sc course

Talking about the benefits of doing a BSc course, after completing a BSc degree, different types of skills are developed in a student. like:

Research skills, analytical skills, observational skills, scientific skills, logical skills, experimental skills, and problem-solving skills are developed.

Subjects of BSc Honors

  • BSc Hons botany
  • BSc Honors Chemistry
  • BSc Hons physics
  • BSc Honors Mathematics
  • BSc Hons Microbiology
  • BSc Hons in Geology
  • BSc Hons home science
  • BSC Hons statistics
  • BSc Hons agriculture
  • BSc Hons psychology
  • BSc Hons Biotechnology
  • BSc Hons computer science
  • BSc Hons electronics
  • BSc Hons environmental science
  • BSc Hons geography

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