What is the full form of DSP? What is the salary of DSP?

Many people know the names of DSP, but what is the full form of DSP. Very few people know about it. So today we will know for you what is DSP, how to become DSP and what is the full form of DSP and other information related to it, you are requested to read this article completely:

What is the full form of DSP

The full form of DSP in the police department is Deputy Superintendent of Police. In India, DSP is a rank symbol within the police force. The DSP is a police officer in the district of the state who is the representative of the state policemen. The DSP officer’s footprint is a national emblem above a star on the shoulder strap.

How to prepare for DSP

You can become a DSP in two ways, one is by clearing the UPSC exam, the other bypassing the state PCS exam.

The pattern of both these exams remains almost the same but the difference is that questions are asked at the national level in UPSC. The same state-level question is asked in State PCS.

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To become a DSP, you have to understand the question paper of the last 10 years conducted by State PCS or UPSC properly. You have to make a strategy accordingly.

What is the power of DSP?

As we have seen the full form of DSP in English, now let us understand what is the meaning of DSP and what are the powers of DSP. Officially a DSP is equivalent to an Assistant Commissioner of Police.

A DSP is created with certain administrative and financial powers. The DSP is in charge of maintaining law and order in the district along with ensuring administrative control of subordinate officers.

The financial power of a DSP is as per the Financial Rules 1986 and subsequent amendments. The duties of a DSP basically include assisting the SP or Superintendent of Police in their supervision and control of the duty.

Allotment of DSP

The DSPs in a district usually dress up as Circle Officers (CO). For the recruitment of officers of this rank, the examination is conducted by the government from time to time. Apart from this, based on the rules of the respective state governments, a DSP is made an IPS officer after serving for a few years.

How to make a DSP

Any candidate who aspires to become a DSP. He has to appear for the state-level examination which is attached to the State Public Service Commission. To become a DSP one has to face a tough exam as it is conducted in several stages. Only a candidate who clears all the stages of the examination is eligible for DSP.

History of DSP

We have understood the full form of DSP in the police force, let us now understand how the DSP rank came into existence.

What is the full form of DSP?

With the introduction of the policy of Indianisation in the year 1876, the post of DSP was created by the British Government in the commissionerate system. From its inception, there was a purely one post which was considered equivalent to that of an assistant superintendent. This position was held only by Europeans at that time.

At present, the post of DSP refers to the state police officers belonging to the policemen. The DSP is admitted either directly to that rank or through promotion in the department.

Eligibility and Criteria to become a DSP

Before applying for the exam to become a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), a candidate must also ensure that they fulfill all the required eligibility criteria for the same which includes

  • Candidate must be a citizen of India.
  • Students must have completed graduation in any discipline from a recognized university or institute.
  • Candidate’s age should be at least 21 to 30 years.
  • Age relaxation of 5 years is given in case of candidates belonging to SC/ST categories.
  • Height of the student applying for the exam should be at least 168 cms.
  • Height of female candidate should be at least 155 cms.

Another full form of DSP

Till now we have learned DSP Full Form in detail. Although the abbreviation DSP is also a topic. The full form of DSP is also Data Signal Processing. This subject is an integral part of Electronics and Communication. The topic DSP basically deals with the accuracy and reliability of digital communication with many technologies.

What is the qualification required to become a DSP

To become a DSP officer in India, a candidate must have completed graduation from any college in any discipline. Apart from this, a candidate must appear for the State Civil Services Examination conducted by the State Public Service Commission.

Examination to be conducted for recruitment to the post of DSP

To become a DSP, one has to clear the examination conducted by the State Public Service Commission. The examination to be conducted for recruitment to this post is divided into 3 phases.

  1. Preliminary Examination
  2. Mains Exam
  3. Interview

What is the salary of DSP

The salary of a DSP is determined by the Government of India, at present, the salary of a DSP ranges from ₹ 15600 to ₹ 39300 with grade pay. Apart from the salary, the DSP officer is also provided financial as well as non-financial schemes like housing, subsidy in the ration, etc. by the government.

How many police stations come under the jurisdiction of DSP

The number of police stations under the jurisdiction of a DSP usually varies from state to state, the number of police stations under a DSP can range from 2 to 15. It is usually imposed by the police department of each state.

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