ED full form – Directorate of Enforcement

Do you know what is ED, what is the full form of ED, where is the headquarters of ED and when was ED started and other questions related to this that are coming to your mind, we will cover all those questions in this article? I will know in full detail, you read this article completely.

Often you must have heard the name of ED through news channels and newspapers, whenever there is talk of high profile case like Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya’s case then the name of ED also comes, ED India It is a part of the Revenue Department of the Finance Minister of the Government, which is the task of ED to investigate foreign exchange and money laundering or disproportionate assets in India.

What is the full form of ED

ED full form: Directorate of Enforcement (डेकोरेटेड इन्फोर्समेंट) which is called प्रवर्तन निदेशालय in Hindi

The power to enforce financial law in India is given to ED or is a law enforcement agency and economic intelligence agency.

What is ED?

The full form of ED is Enforcement Directorate. The ED is an economic intelligence organization that enforces the laws of economics and protects against financial crimes in the country. ED comes under the Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Government of India. ED was established in 1956. The headquarter is located in New Delhi.

Where is the headquarter of ED?

ED’s headquarter is in New Delhi and it has 5 regional offices located in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Chandigarh, and Delhi. It also has sub-regional offices in different cities. It is made up of officers from the Indian Revenue Service, the Indian Police Service, the Indian Corporate Law Service, and the Indian Administrative Service.

The head directors of the office are the special director of enforcement while the head of the ED is the deputy director.

When did ED start?

ED was started on 1 May 1956 in the Department of Economic Affairs as an enforcement unit. The work of this unit was to handle the Exchange Control Law Violation under the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act 1947.

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In the year 1957, this unit was named as Enforcement Directorate, the first task of this Directorate is to change the 2 Acts of the Government of India.

This is 2act:

FEMA: foreign exchange management act 1999
PMLA: Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2002

Earlier FEMA was replaced by FERA (foreign exchange management act 1999), which was a regulatory law, after which FEMA was implemented in its place.

FEMA is a civil law whereas PMLA is criminal law.

What is FEMA Law?

(ED) files and investigates cases against violators of FEMA and PML laws. The objective of FEMA is to promote foreign exchange in the country, by promoting foreign exchange, to promote industrial development and exports in the country. can get

FEMA gives freedom to a person living in India to buy his land and house abroad and become its owner and can also give his ownership rights to someone else, but if someone breaks the rule of this law, then ED should be done on him. can also do

What is PMLA Act?

PMLA Act deals with money laundering. Money Laundering means the wrongly earned money is shown as legal money which is called money-laundering.

Through money laundering, money is used in such a way that even the investing agency cannot find the source of that money and to trace this money-laundering and file a case against the person found guilty and confiscate the black money. ED does the work.

FEMA and PMLA apply to the whole country, so legal action can be taken against any person, FEMA’s case goes to civil court while PMLA’s hair is sent to criminal court.

What is the work of ED?

As you have to know in the above article that what is the full form of ed and now know what is the work of ED.

The job of this agency is to investigate the problem and find the person who ran away with the loan, confiscate the property purchased with black money and catch the person related to such crime and also work like registering a case against the accused. does |

The ED’s job is to collect, report and distribute information related to violations of FEMA, 1999.

The ED is also responsible for the management and disposal of cases of violation under FEMA 1999 and FERA, 1973. He is also to decide the punishment to be imposed on the person found guilty of any contravention.

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