What is the full form of DBT

Through this article, we will learn in full detail what is the full form of DBT, what is the DBT scheme, what is the benefit of DBT and also tell about all the questions related to it, which are in your mind. Read in full detail.

What is the full form of DBT

The full form of DBT in EnglishDirect Benefit Transfer” is as clear from the name under this scheme, the money directly to the farmer is transferred in their account. That is why it is known as Direct Benefit Transfer.

 DBT was first done on 1 June 2013, in which this scheme was implemented in India’s 291 districts.

What is DBT?

India’s economy depends on agriculture. Most of India’s population also cultivates its life. This is the reason that India is also called an agricultural country.

In India, the condition of agriculture is serious, due to which many types of schemes are presented to the public from time to time by the Government of India, which can improve the situation of the farmers.

DBT scheme was also run for the farmers. This scheme was run on behalf of the Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers Welfare Department.

Under the DBT scheme, the public is transferred to Kerosene, LPG (LPG), fertilizer subsidy in their bank account. But the main purpose of this scheme is to help the farmers in buying agricultural instruments, which can achieve good yields and improve their position.

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This scheme was started so that with the number of public welfare schemes, it can be stopped in hurricanes and corruption. Under this scheme, the rules of subsidy provide the farmers to provide the benefit of machinery.

More than 28 million mass money accounts were opened to give people the benefit of this scheme. By which people could direct their subsidy themselves. Under the DBT scheme, bank accounts were also linked to the basis.

Benefits of DBT Program

DBT program will be able to take 100 percent of poor government schemes

There is no role in a middleman because this scheme is being run directly between the government and beneficiaries

With this, a person can not benefit from illegal ways and can not get the benefit of the same scheme twice.

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Through it, profit is brought to beneficiaries in an early and short time

You do not have to pay any kind of charge for the DBT scheme.

At the same time, the Central Government in the DBT scheme gives money to some agencies and institutions by giving money in the hands of beneficiaries, which transmits products and services at low cost to these beneficiaries.

What is the history of DBT

First of all, DBT had mentioned the Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee in the central budget speech in the year 2011-12. Who wanted to pay subsidies for Government LPG, fertilizers, and kerosene oil at that time.

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Who can take advantage of the DBT scheme?

To be eligible for the DBT plan you must keep in mind the following points: –

  • If a person wants to take advantage of the DBT scheme, it is important to have a permanent citizen of India.
  • Under the DBT scheme, if you have to buy equipment and equipment related to agriculture then you have to apply online for this.
  • You have to be a bank account to take advantage of this scheme.
  • Apart from this, your base link should be linked with this bank account.
  • People who want to take advantage of the agricultural equipment scheme under the DBT scheme are not taking advantage of any other plan.

Documents required for DBT scheme

People who are interested in DBT (DBT FULL form in English ” Direct Benefit Transfer “) are required to have the following required documents: –

  • PAN Card (PAN card)
  • Caste Certificate (Cast Certificate)
  • Bank Account and Passbook (BANK Account & Passbook)
  • Passport Size Photo (Passport Size Photo)
  • Aadhar Card
  • Link mobile number from the base (OTP will be sent only on mobile number during registration.)

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