what is ITI | Full Form of ITI and How to take admission in ITI

Today we will know what is the full form of ITI. Today, in this article, we are going to give much such information related to ITI, which you may not have heard anywhere before.
Like: What is ITI, what jobs can you do after ITI. What are the benefits of doing ITI? What is the full form of ITI? We have given answers to many such goods and interesting questions in this article.

what is ITI | Full Form of ITI

You must have heard about ITI from the mouths of people when you were studying in school. And you would want me to do ITI after school. But today we will get complete information about ITI, the full form of ITI, and what is the meaning of ITI.

Along with this, people must be telling you that do ITI, there is a lot of scopes ahead. And the job is also found soon, some such things and many of you will be such who will not know about ITI. But today you will get to know about all this.

Full-Form of ITI

The full name or full form of ITI is Industrial Training Institute and in Hindi, it is known as औद्योगिक प्रशिक्षण संस्थान.

What is ITI

This is an industrial course in which work is taught more than studies and it has been made for the students after ITI 12th, in which a person can do a good job after doing this ITI course.

In this, after admission, the person gets more practical than theory and it happens in many trades like electronics, computers, fashion design, etc. In this type of trade, the student can do an ITI course in whatever trade he wants.

It is not necessary to have knowledge of any kind of book in this. In this, the work of all different industries is taught, by which you can get a good job in that department.

How to take admission in ITI

For this, applications are sought every year in the month of July, you can apply by visiting its official website or you can get information about it by visiting the government ITI college in your area.

Age Limit for Admission in ITI

To get admission in ITI, the age limit of the applicant is 14 to 40 years.

How to choose a trade-in course

There is a lot of trade in ITI, but you have to choose the trade in which you feel like we can do the work in which you feel like, and at the same time you should not get bored even while studying, so choosing the right trade for you is very necessary.

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For this, you can take the help of your family, which will help you in choosing the trade. We will give below the list of all the trades in it, you can touch the trade from that trade list that suits you.
The list of ITI trade is as follows.

o plumber
o carpenter
o turner
o Network technician
o Bookbinder
o Patternmaker
o foundry man
o Wire man
o Mechanic diesel
o computer operator assistant

Procedure to take admission in ITI

In this, you have to go to any college near you and find out if it is an ITI admission, if any, then you have to apply online and in which you will have to fill the form, its admission forms start filling in the month of June-July, then you can apply for that. Fill the form then you can do ITI according to your trade.

How much is the fee for doing ITI

Talking about ITI, it varies according to the college, but it costs around 20 to 30 thousand for a year, if you do it from a government college, then you do not have to pay any fees for it. You can do ITI from the college itself.

You can find out about the rest of the private colleges around you, which is giving how many facilities for how much fees.

Benefits of doing ITI

Some of the benefits of ITI are as follows.

  • By doing ITI, we can fix the bad stuff in the house ourselves.
  • Doing ITI does not require much money, you can do it from a government college without fees.
  • By doing ITI, you can get a good job in life ahead.
  • You can do ITI after the 8th or 10th and along with that, you can also do any job.
  • You can complete ITI in only 2 years.

Job opportunities after doing ITI

It is in the mind of many people that after ITI, whether we will get a job or not and how much will be the salary, for all such questions, you can get both private and government jobs in this.

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After ITI you can get a private job anywhere but if you want to do a government job then you can get it in a railway and government factory.

Salary in private job ranges from 15000 to 25000 and if you talk about the government then you will get a salary from 30000 to 50000.

Documents required for taking admission in ITI

You will need all these documents for admission to ITI College.

  • 8th, 10th, and 12th mark sheet
  • Admit card before the interest exam
  • Result/Merit list
  • Transfer certificate (TC)
  • category certificate
  • Voter ID Card, Aadhar Card, Driver License, etc.

what did you learn today?

Friends, now you know what you learned in this article, today we have provided information related to ITI in this article such as the Full form of ITI, what is ITI, ITI course trade, and answers to all such ITI questions in this article. have been given.

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If you have read this article completely, then by now you must have got all kinds of information related to ITI, if you still have any questions then you can ask us through a comment.

FaQ related full from of ITI

1. What is the full form of ITI?

  • ITI Ka full form is an industrial training institute.

2. What is the salary of a government job after doing ITI?

  • ranges from 30000 to 50000.


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