How to become a hacker|How many types of hacking

In today’s time hacking is becoming very famous in the world. How to become a hacker Where people want to become software engineers or hardware engineers, you will find many people who want to become hackers. Seeing the increasing interest of people towards hacking day by day, a separate course has been created to teach hacking in many private institutes and colleges.

From where students can learn hacking comfortably, but there will be many people who want to become a hacker but will not know how to become a hacker. Our today’s article is for such people, in which how do we become a hacker, what things should be known to learn to hack? Will give complete information about

What is hacking?

When a person takes control of any digital device, which is connected with the help of the internet or any network like a computer, mobile, website, etc. And the person who does this work is called a hacker. Let us know the types of hacking and how to become a hacker.

How many types of hacking are there?

There are basically two types of hacking:

1. Ethical Hacking

2. Unethical Hacking

3. ethical hacking

1. Ethical hacking

Ethical hacking is legal. In this, the company gives hackers jobs. The hackers working in these companies are asked to hack any software or website made by the company.

This is because through this the company examines the security and quality of its product so that that company’s product can become secure and reliable.

If you have good knowledge of hacking then the company is ready to give you at least 50,000 ₹ per month.

2. Unethical Hacking

There are two types of unethical hacking –

  • Gray Hat Hacking
  • Black Hat Hacking
1. Gray Hat Hacking

In Gray Hat hacking, the hacker does not hack to harm anyone. He either does that hacking for time pass or else he is learning something new in hacking.

2. Black Hat Hacking

Black Hat hacking is the most dangerous hacking. This type of hacking is either done by criminals or anti-social elements. Black Hat hackers either want to harm someone or want to blackmail someone or steal data.

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Apart from the three types of hacking mentioned above, there are also some general categories of hacking such as:

  • Blue Hat
  • Elite Hacker
  • Organized Criminal Gang.
  • Neophyte
  • Script Kiddle
  • Hacktivist
  • Nation-State

How to become a hacker

To learn to hack and become a hacker, you must first have knowledge of the basic things mentioned below, only then you can learn to hack:

1. Must have basic computer knowledge

If you also have a dream to become a hacker, then it is very important for you to have knowledge of computer basic knowledge. In the basic knowledge of computer, a person should be aware of how to run the internet, what is the Dos command, how it works, besides the different types of commands given in it.

Apart from Dos Command, it is also very important for a person to have knowledge of what is registry, how to edit and modify it.

2. Must have knowledge of programming language

To become a hacker, one must also have knowledge of programming language. If you do not have knowledge of the programming language then you cannot learn to hack.

In a programming language, the person should have knowledge of programming languages ​​like C language, Ruby, scripting language, PHP, HTML, Linux programming Perl.

3. Must have knowledge of Linux

The biggest weapon of a hacker is hacking tools. You cannot do any kind of hacking without hacking tools.

Let us tell you, you can create hacking tools only in Linux operating system, you cannot create hacking tools in the Windows system. Therefore, to learn to hack, it becomes very important for you to have knowledge of Linux.

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4. Must have knowledge of networking

For hacking, it is very necessary for the person to have network knowledge. You can hack any network (website) only if you have knowledge of networking. Without this knowledge, you cannot become a hacker.

In networking, you must have knowledge of networking like TCP/IP, Subnet, Topology, Hub, IPv4, IPv6.

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5. Must have database information

To become a hacker, one must have knowledge of databases. Only when you have the knowledge of the database will you be able to hack any website or steal its information. In the database, it is very important for you to have knowledge of databases like Oracle Database and MySQL.

To learn to hack and become a hacker, you have to learn all the basic things mentioned above, when you learn all these basic things only then you will be able to become a hacker. Apart from this, as we have told you above, you can also do a course to learn hacking or to become a hacker.

 Which course to do to become a hacker

Courses are available in certificate, diploma, and PG level to learn to hack and become a hacker. Apart from this, you can also do courses of up to six months, certified courses of one month. Let us tell you, a postgraduate diploma can also be done in cyber security.

You can also do a two-year master’s degree program in cyber law and cyber security from any university or college. We hope that you liked the information provided by us (How to become a hacker, What are the things you need to know to learn to hack?

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