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The full name of NCC is National Cadet Corps, National Cadet Corps in India is a voluntary organization of cadets from high schools, colleges, and universities all over India, which provides leadership for the future to the disciplined and patriotic youth of the college. NCC is a better option in college life for the students who want to join the Indian Army and make their career in the service of the country, How to join NCC? This page is telling you in detail about it.

What is NCC?

The National Cadet Corps is called the Youth Wing of the Armed Forces. It is one of the largest youth organizations in the world where you are trained on the basis of discipline and leadership.
The National Cadet Corps is a tri-services organization consisting of the Army, Navy, and Air Force.
The National Cadet Corps was started in 1948. Its headquarter is in New Delhi. The National Cadet Corps is a voluntary organization that recruits cadets from high schools, higher secondary, colleges, and universities across India. So that the youth of the country can be converted and groomed into disciplined and patriotic citizens.

How to join NCC

Through NCC, school and college students are provided military training suitable for Army, Navy, and Air Force, in the colleges where NCC course is available at present, students get admission through entrance exam. It happens, to become an NCC cadet, students have to go through aptitude and physical tests, under NCC students, get certificates A, B, and C.

The entry of students in NCC is done from two levels, first, at the school level, registration can be done in 11th and 12th, second at the college level, it has to join NCC in graduation part-1, A certificate at school level, while B and C certificate is obtained at the college level.

Benefits of NCC Certificate

(1) If you want to become an officer or a soldier in any of the three armies, then the NCC certificate is going to be of great use to you. Because you can join all the three armies of India without giving any exam or entrance exam. which is a very difficult

(2) There is a separate seat reserve in the Armed Forces for NCC Cadre. You get direct entry. All you have to do is take an interview and a medical examination.

(3) You also get many scholarships for further studies.

(4) You get a lot of help in getting government jobs in India and state government, especially in police jobs. NCC Cadets are given more importance than other candidates.

NCC Joining Eligibility Criteria

You must fulfill all these conditions before filling the joining form in NCC

  • Must be a citizen of India. However, you can join NCC even if you are a resident of Nepal.
    You must be a student in any educational institution.
  • Age Limit: Your age should be minimum of 12 years and the maximum age should be 26 years.
  • To go to NCC, it is necessary for the student to be completely physically fit.

Information related to NCC certificate

A certificate under NCC is for students below 15 years of age, the maximum age for obtaining ‘B’ certificate is 17 years, after two years of obtaining ‘B’ certificate, students can obtain ‘C’ certificate. Yes, students with A’ certificate can not get big rank, maximum can become CSM (Company Sergeant Major), while students who get B certificate can get JUO, and students who get C certificate can get Army, Airforce. In addition to Navy, preference is given in paramilitary services,

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They are placed in the upper grades as compared to the general candidates, on the other hand, the students who have got C certificate in any university of the country get a weightage of three percent marks in admission for higher studies.

NCC Full Form

  • NCC Full Form in English: National Cadet Corps
  • NCC Full Form in Hindi : राष्ट्रीय कैडेट कोर (एन सी सी)

How many types of certificates are there in NCC?

After completing the level of training to the students in NCC, three types of certificates are given viz. (Bottom to Top)

  • NCC ‘A‘ Certificate
  • NCC ‘B‘ Certificate
  • NCC ‘C‘ Certificate

Each certificate carries a grading of ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ grades. The highest certificate of NCC is ‘C’ with ‘A’ grading. The lowest rank certificate is NCC ‘A’ certificate with ‘C’ grade.
A, B, and C certificates are awarded by the National Cadet Corps of India to a cadet who has passed the written and parade examination.

How to get admission in the college for NCC

College is an option to make a career through the National Cadet Corps, A-certificate in school allows easy entry into higher education, but does not lead to a job, a B-certificate in the first year of graduation and a second After getting admission in the year, join NCC to get C-certificate,

After one year of training, if the student has attended the camp in the first year, then he can appear in the examination to be conducted for B-certificate, this examination is conducted by the NCC unit if you have completed the second year of graduation. National Integration Camp in the U.S., can appear for the C-certificate examination conducted by the unit, which is of three hours duration, in addition to this, the student has to appear in the practical examination.

Directorate General of National Cadet Corps

National Cadet Corps is headed by Director General Lt. There is a military officer of the rank of General, the Director-General is assisted by two Additional Director Generals (ADGs), one Major General of the Army and the other Rear Admiral of the Navy or Vice Chief of the Air Staff. Under the Director-General, there is a staff of all three services – Army, Navy, and Air Force.

There are five Deputy Director Generals of the rank of Brigadier or equivalent, of whom three are Brigadiers, which includes one Navy, Air Force, and one civilian officer.
Groups are subdivided into battalions, each group commanded by a lieutenant colonel or equivalent officer, drawn from the other two armies, each battalion with a number of Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs). and Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs), called Permanent Instructional Staff, the senior-most JCOs being of the rank of Subedar Major.

FaQ related How to Join NCC

1. Can only students of government schools and colleges go to NCC?
No, any student who is fulfilling all the eligibility criteria mentioned above can join NCC. Whether you are a student of a government school/college or a private, it does not matter

2. Can open school/college students also join NCC?
There is no problem, you can join NCC. Just your school or college should be accredited.

3. NCC joining process starts from which month?
Enrollment in NCC starts from June.

4. Can I join NCC in 2nd year of graduation?
In short, the answer is- Yes, you can join!

5. Is it right to become an NCC Cadet along with studies?
If you think that after joining NCC, you will have to go to NCC camp daily or you will have to complete daily tasks, then it is wrong.

Various activities of NCC are planned in such a way that your studies and academics are not disturbed. Plus you’ll get enough personal time

6. What is the uniform of NCC?
If you become a cadet of Army / ARMY in NCC then you have to wear a Khaki uniform. Navy cadets wear the navy’s white uniform. And Air Force cadets wear the same blue uniform as the Air Force.

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