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In today’s article, we will know about IIT such as what is IIT, how to do IIT, what is the full form of IIT, how to prepare for IIT, and finally know about IIT. Read this article completely about the benefits.

what is IIT( what is the full form of IIT )

IIT: Indian Institute of Technology also known as Indian Institute of Technology. IIT exam is conducted every year. It is for graduation. IIT is a public education institution for higher education in India.

IIT was established in Kharagpur in 1951. IITs are one of the main educational institutions of India. At present, there are 23 IIT colleges in the country, which will have to pass the entrance exam for admission.

By doing engineering from here, students are able to take a package of crores. Good engineers are made by IIT colleges and they earn a lot of money by going abroad.

IIT exam consists of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics paper and there are many training centers for IIT exam preparation, by visiting which you can prepare for IIT.

What is the full form of IIT

• Full form of IIT: Indian Institute of Technology

How to do IIT

No matter what the exam is, you cannot pass it without preparation, if you prepare for that exam with full preparation, then you will definitely be successful in it, so let’s know how to prepare for IIT.

• Focusing on the main topic

To pass in the exam, you should pay more attention to the subject of IIT which is considered the most important, for this you should pay more attention to 11th and 12th Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.

• Set a fixed time

Time is the most important thing in any exam which you should keep in mind: First, you set the time and start your studies and try to solve all the questions in the given time. You can also make a fixed time for all the subjects so that it becomes easy for you to read.

• Solve previous year papers

You get the information about the pattern of the exam from the old paper. You can prepare yourself on the basis of the previous year’s IIT questions.

What are the benefits of doing IIT?

1. Gaining respect: If you do IIT and your family and friends come to know about it then you get a lot of respect between them and other people.

2. Good facilities: Very good facilities are also provided through IIT, you get a good lab to study and a computer center facility is also available.

3. Learn more things: In IIT, apart from engineering and research, many things are taught to the student, you are also taught about management, finance, and social skills.

4. Easy Placement: After doing IIT, you easily get a good job and you also get a good placement.

What is the qualification for IIT?

To qualify for IIT, students who have secured top 20% marks in their board exam of class 12th can appear for this exam.

At present, 75% marks are mandatory for this, it varies from time to time, it is decided on the basis of the evaluation of all the boards of the country. In this, some relaxation is also given to Scheduled Castes, Tribes, and Handicapped.

Age Limit for IIT

There is no age limit fixed for the candidates in this exam. Candidates who have passed the class 12 exam in 2019, 2020, or appearing in 2021 are eligible to appear in both exams.

The candidates should satisfy themselves about the eligibility of the age limit requirements of those institutes. In which they are willing to take admission like date of birth should be as per 10th certificate.

How is the IIT exam conducted?

Since 2013, the entrance examination of IITs is conducted in two parts, one is JEE mains and the other is Jee advance.

If a student wants to get admission in IIT, then first of all he has to give JEE Mains exam, after passing in JEE Mains, he can apply for jee advance. Around 1.5 lakh students appear in JEE Advanced exam every year.

What is the pattern of the IIT exam

The exam pattern of IIT is as follows

BE, BTech:

There are 30 questions from Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics and each question is of four marks. That is, there are a total of 90 questions and a total of 360 marks.

B arch and B planning:

It consists of 30 questions of Mathematics which is of 120 marks and 50 questions of Aptitude Test which is of 200 marks and two questions of Drawing Test carrying power marks and total time is of 3 hours.

Tips for IIT Engineering

1, If ​​you start preparing for IIT Entrance Exam, then do not compare yourself with anyone else, focus your attention only on your goal.

2 . Questions from Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics are asked for the IIT entrance exam. You need to read these three subjects carefully.

3. Whenever you prepare for IIT, then keep testing yourself and solve the model paper with complete honesty and also observe yourself that how correct you are.

4. Always keep your self-confidence high and you may not be able to pass IIT in the first place, then in such a situation never let your spirits down, but by correcting your mistakes, prepare yourself for the future.

5. In any examination, the stipulated time decides our path and direction. That’s why you understand the importance of 3 hours of the exam and your aim should be that you have to solve all the questions at this time.

6. Good health and sleep are also necessary for good preparation, so follow these things well so that it will help you to fulfill your objectives.

7. For the preparation for the IIT exam, keep watching and reading news internet and discussing and interviews successful students.

8. Planning is also necessary for success, that is why for the preparation of the IIT entrance exam, how many hours do you have to study, what to study, and when to do it. Make sure to make routing of all these things and also implement it in 100% percent way.

What is the attempt limit for IIT?

In this the limit of attempts is up to 3, that is, you can try three times. Its head is different in Nagaland, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh, if you want to give IIT exam, then always keep watching the latest updates of IIT.

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