MBBS full from : Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery

Today we will know what is the full form of MBBS? And about the eligibility for MBBS course because in our country the doctor is given a very noble status. But in today’s date becoming a doctor is not easy. Any student who wants to become a doctor must have heard the name of MBBS. But not all people qualify in MBBS. MBBS is the first step to become a doctor.

In today’s article, we will know what is MBBS, What is the full form of MBBS, what is the meaning of MBBS, so let’s know.

What is the full form of MBBS?

MBBS: Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery

The full form of MBBS is Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery. The full form of MBBS in Hindi is चिकित्सा स्नातक और शल्य चिकित्सा स्नातक. MBBS degree is an undergraduate course, students who want to pursue a career in medicine or want to become a doctor, they mostly do this course.

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MBBS course is a 5.6 years course, in which you have 5 years of study and 6 months of internship. You have to do an internship in the hospital, health center, health campus, or NGO.
This MBBS course is designed and taught in such a way so that any student who takes admission in it later gets specialization in their subject. Let us know further to do the MBBS course. Required qualification.

MBBS Course Eligibility

For the MBBS course, the student should have passed 12th class with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English subject, then only you can be eligible for MBBS course. After this, you have to clear the Entrance Examination conducted by National Level or State Level to take admission in the MBBS course. If you pass the entrance exam with a good number, then you can take admission in MBBS.

Salary After MBBS Course

The starting salary after doing the MBBS graduate course is Rs. 2.5 Lacs To Rs.3.5 Lacs. Your salary is based on your skills, your experience. When you become an Exert then your salary is Rs.10 Lacs To Rs.12 Lacs Per Annum.

MBBS fees

You can do MBBS from two types of colleges, one government college whose fees are low and the other private college whose fees touch the sky. If we talk about government colleges, then their fees can be between 30,000 to 1 lakh in a year, it also depends on the college.

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If we talk about private colleges, then their fees can range from 10 lakhs to 50 lakhs. Now you yourself can understand that from where it would be better to do an MBBS course.

If you do not have money to go to a government college, then the last way is AIIMS, in which your complete MBBS course will be done in just 6000. But the seats in AIIMS are very few, which means that you will have to work very hard only then you will get admission.

What to do after MBBS?

MBBS course is a graduate degree course and it is a very good career option after this course in the healthcare field. After doing MBBS, you have opportunities in the private sector as well as in the government sector. Apart from this, if there is a need for professionals doing MBBS courses in places like Biomedical Company, Health Center, Hospital, Laboratory, Nursing Home, then you can make a good career here.

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After doing MBBS, if you want to study further, then you can go for further studies of Master of Surgery and MD (Doctor of Medicine).

Some important information related to MBBS:

  • After doing MBBS, you can work in any government or private hospital, your salary will be around 50,000, with time and experience this salary will go up to lakhs. Apart from this, you can also earn good money by opening your own clinic.
  • After doing MBBS, in front of your name, Dr. Gets applied.
  • It takes as much as 5.5 years to complete an MBBS course.
  • After doing MBBS, you can get a master’s degree. To get a master’s degree, you have to do MS or MD course. This course can take as much as three years.
  • An MBBS doctor cannot do surgery until he has obtained a master’s degree.


I hope you know what is MBBS? And complete information about MBBS Full Form In English would have been received. If you still have any questions in your mind regarding What Is MBBS Full Form In English,then you can feel free to ask by commenting in the Comment Box.


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