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Full-Form of PIN and some things about PIN: Almost all of us must have heard the word PIN at some point in our daily life. But the full name of PIN or PIN full form, its use, etc. is unknown to many.

There are many full forms of PIN. However, we usually use two types of PINs more in our daily life… 1) PIN Code and 2) PIN … The meaning and usage of both are completely different.

In today’s article, I will go into detail about these two types of pins. So that you can understand about the meaning and usage of PIN. So please read this post thoroughly to know “What is the Full Form of PIN?”.

 What is the full form of PIN?

PIN full form in English / Hindi :

  1. Postal Index Number / Postal Index Number. ( डाक सूचक संख्या)
  2. Personal Identification Number (Personal Identification Number) / व्यक्तिगत पहचान संख्या।

Today I will first give information about the postal index number (PIN-code) used in the postal department. Then I will give information on Personal Identification Number, which is used for electronic financial transactions, online purchases, etc.

What is Postal Index Number?

PIN Code / Postal Index Number: It is also called postal index number. The 6 digit number used by India Post in the Indian postal system is called pin or pin code for short. This code is written with the destination address of each type of material sent by post.

This helps in getting the material to the right place quickly.

In order to make the distribution system fast and efficient, the PIN system was introduced on 15 August 1972 by Sriram Bhikaji Velankar.

Pin Code (Postal Index Number) structure

This is a very useful system. Each number in this 6 digit pin code represents a particular place. The first digit from the left indicates any one of the nine regions of the country. There is a total of 9 PIN regions in India. Of which the first 8 are for geographic location and the 9th area is exclusively used for the Army Postal Service.

 What is a Personal Identification Number?

PIN / Personal Identification Number: It is also called a Personal Identification Number. Almost all of us must have used a PIN for online money transfer, online shopping, withdrawing or depositing money from ATMs, or paying bills using debit cards/credit cards, etc.

The origin and usage of the term PIN began with the introduction of the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in 1967. The PIN is a four-digit numeric secret code in India.

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The user can set the PIN as per his choice. This is an additional layer of security. PINs are commonly used when conducting financial transactions electronically or to prove the legitimacy of the user.

In many cases, financial transactions are simply not complete without the use of a PIN.

However, nowadays PIN is widely used in almost all the places like banks, the internet, online marketing, electronic transactions, user verification, etc.

Characteristics of PIN (Personal Identification Number)

  1. A PIN is a 4 digit numerical code in India.
  2. The PIN is kept secret.
  3. The PIN can be created or changed by the user.
  4. Multiple PIN verification systems allow up to three attempts. If you enter the wrong PIN more than three times, the transaction gets rejected or the account gets locked.

What is the difference between PIN and PIN Code?

The difference between Postal Index Number / Personal Identification Number is given below in detail…

Personal Identification NumberPostal Index Number
PIN is a 4 digit numerical code.Pin code is a 6 digit numerical code.
The PIN is kept secret.The pin-code is written with the address. That means everyone can see it.
PIN can be created or changed by the userThe PIN code of a location cannot be created or changed by the user.
PINs are provided by banks, financial institutions, various service providers, etc.The pin code of a place is determined by India Post.
PIN is used to make financial transactions, user verification, etc. more secure.Pin code is used to make the letter, parcel etc delivery system fast and efficient.


Friends, I hope that the full form of PIN and what is the meaning of PIN, you must have understood from the information given above. If you liked this article about PIN then share it.


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