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In today’s article, we will know what is the meaning of RIP and RIP full form. If you know about these in detail, then you read the article completely:

what is RIP?

As you may have seen RIP is written on social media, in a group, in the comment section of YouTube, or on Instagram or Twitter. So what is this  RIP? It means do you know if not then we will tell you.

RIP (Rest in Peace) This word is used for the peace of the soul of the dead person. And this word is most commonly used in Christianity. In Christianity, when a person dies, he is buried, and rest in peace is written on the grave.

But nowadays people of every religion are using it very much to make their point effective. Friends, let us tell you that when an actor, cricketer, or celebrity dies on someone. Then this word is used a lot.

Some people also write the meaning of RIP (Return If Possible). But it is absolutely wrong to write RIP. The true meaning of rest in peace and all this is used for the peace of the soul.

What does RIP mean?

It is a phrase commonly written on the graves of Catholics, wishing for eternal rest in peace after their death. It is called Rest in Peace. Because we know that when people die it feels like they are resting. One such writing is found in the book of Isaiah.

What is the full form of RIP ( rip full form in English )

  • R = Rest
  • I = In
  • P = Peace

The full form of RIP is Rest in Peace, which in English means peace of the soul of the dead person.

The word is derived from a Latin language sentence requiescat in pace. Which means the soul of the dead person has peace or rest.

History of the word RIP

The word rip was first used by people of Christianity in western countries from the 16th to 18th century. and is still being done today. It was used by the people of Christianity, when someone died, after burying him, he used to write Rest in Peace on his grave. So that his soul may rest in peace and this word is being used since that time. But nowadays its short form RIP is used.

Shortcut to Rest in Peace

Shortcut of every word is used in the internet world like GM is used for Good Morning and GN is used for Good Night, similarly, RIP is used for Rest in Peace, nowadays in social media. You should be aware of the shortcuts being used, otherwise, you will not be able to communicate properly on this platform and you will misinterpret the meaning of the talk, due to which you may have to face embarrassment in the group.

Why Hindus should not use RIP

It has become a fashion for people to say RIP i.e. Rest in Peace. People keep doing rip-rip rote when someone dies without thinking anything.

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Let us tell you that the word RIP is for Christians and Muslims and not for Hindus.

On your behalf, praying for the peace of the soul of the dead person, but let me tell you r.i.p. That is, it does not mean that rest in peace. The word RIP should not be used for Hindus and should be used instead.

The word RIP is used for those who are buried in the tomb because according to Christian and Muslim beliefs, whenever doomsday comes. On that day all his dead lying in the tomb will be resurrected. That is why it is said for them to rest in peace waiting for that doomsday. No one will bother you until the doomsday comes and your body comes to life again.

Christians and Muslims believe in the body. They believe that their body is immortal whereas Hindus believe in the soul. According to the beliefs of Hinduism, the body is mortal, that is, the body is bound to be destroyed one day. But the soul is immortal.

For this reason, the dead body is burnt in Hindus. Because Hindus believe that after death, when the soul leaves the body, then what will be the use of the body. Now tell me what is the meaning of Rest in Peace among Hindus.

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