what is computer full form?

Everyone knows about computers, but very few people know the full form of computers, so today we will know in this article what is computer full form, who invented computer and what is the history of computers. To know about all these in detail, then you read this article completely:

what is computer full form in English?

The full form of Computer is Common Operating Machine Particular Used for Trade Education Research.

C – common
O – operating
M – machine
P – particular
U – used for
T -Trade
E – education
R – Research

what is Computer

A computer is an electronic machine that takes the data given by us and after processing it gives us the complete result.

It deals with the storage and analysis of data in a fast and error-free manner.

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The English word is derived from compute. Which means to calculate. That is why the computer is known as a computer device.

World’s first computer

The world’s first computer computing plant, Abacus, was invented in China. Abacus was created in China 2500 years ago, which was used to solve some complex math problems ranging from addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It is known to be the world’s first computer.

Who invented the calculator?

The calculator was invented by Pascal. In 1642 AD, the French mathematician Blaise Pascal, at the age of just 20, created the world’s first mechanical calculator that could also add to the decimal system. Which was named Pascaline.

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Who is the father of computer

Charles Babbage is called the father and father of computers. Charles Babbage designed the first programmable computer. In 1822, Charles Babbage invented the mechanical computer called the differential engine.

what is computer full form in Hindi?

A computer is known by many names in Hindi. The job of a computer is to calculate, so it is called sangak.

what is computer full form?
what is computer full form?

History of computer

The mechanical calculator was invented by two mathematicians Blaise Pascal (1623–62) and Gantfried Bilhelm Lebitz (1646–1716). But Charles Babbage thought of making a calculator machine that could contain the logarithm discovered by John Napier. That is why Charles Babbage is known as the father of computers.

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Interesting facts about computer

  • Siddhartha was the first computer manufactured in India.
  • India’s first computer was installed on 16 August 1986 at the Head Post Office in Bangalore.
  • The largest computer network is the Internet.
  • The IC chip used in the computer is made of silicon.
  • The computer keeps its result in memory for future use.
  • Bangalore is called the Silicon Valley of India.
  • The brain of a computer is called the CPU.
  • Computer Literacy Day is celebrated every year on 2nd December.
  • The name of the world’s first electronic digital computer was Aniac.
  • The modern computer was first discovered in 1946.
  • All Right is the name of a computer specially made for the disabled.
  • America is the country with the most computers in the world.
  • Raj Reddy was the first Indian doctor to do a PhD in Computer Science.

Computers are used in the following areas

Banks and Finance Sector
Research and development

Some of the major input devices are –

Optical pen
Barcode reader
Optical mark reader
Punch card reader

Some of the major output devices are –

card reader
tape reader

Important words related to computer

As we have been told in detail in the above article about what is computer full form in English, now let us know briefly about important words related to computers.

PINGpacket internet grouper
SANstorage area network
ARPAadvanced research project agency
ASCIIAmerican standard code for information interchange
ABIapplication binary interface
CDcompact disc
CADcomputer-aided design
BCDbinary-coded decimal code
CDROMchange director root read-only memory
BITbinary digit
BIOSbasic input-output system
ROMread-only memory
RAMrandom access memory
IBMinternational business machines
Wi-Fiwireless fidelity
LCDliquid display unit
WWWworld wide web
VPNvirtual private network
Important words related to computer

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